Daddy Mummy Fanic Petr Me

  My family has a determined number of human and an undetermined number of non-human members. From the first sight you may see my family as a society of adult persons - not caring about each other and not loving each other. Sincerely, it's difficult to say whether it is true or not. The fact is that we're living separated into two groups and as a family we unite for one month in a year.
The family album - as it's an album :-) - contains mainly pictures. The quality is not quite good but I hope you'll enjoy it. Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and get prepared for a ride ...

Well, lets begin. My Dad, the head of our family, old wise man, very calm. Over 40 years old, happily married with my Mom. Likes loose and old cloth, good cigarettes and beer of any mark. Proud father of three sons. Sometimes very funny. Ignores public opinion and lives his life.
Here is his picture:

My dad :-)

Does he remind you somebody? You should know that he lives fourth year in Cuba and who knows who is his big idol :-).
Lets continue with the next member of my family - my Mom.

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