Diving...My latest passion...Well, I don't know how to begin. I started diving in Summer 2001 - read the whole story.

I'm certified CEMAS* (an equivalent to PADI Open Water Diver) and waiting for another certification but who cares. A certification does not mean you are a diver...Despite all rules I made dives to almost 40 meters, night dives and entered a small sea cave.

Myself - diving

What I really like is to go to 15-20 meters and explore the sea life. In this depth you do not consume too much air and you can stay there aproximately 40-45 minutes, depending on the size of your tank and your breathing. I like taking pictures there deep in the sea cause it is so different and unusual.

Divers and fishes

Diving is also about meeting new and new people, making friendships, the common hobby unites us...I made a page about some of my friends, a group of mexican divers called - Los ninos.

I continue in exploring the sea world so come later to see more pictures or read new stories...

Myself - exploring :-)